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68Application of Act.N.I.

(1)This Act, except where otherwise expressly provided, applies to trusts including, so far as this Act applies thereto, executorships and administratorships constituted or created either before or after the commencement of this Act.

(2)The powers conferred by this Act on trustees are in addition to the powers conferred by the instrument, if any, creating the trust, but those powers, unless otherwise stated, apply if and so far only as a contrary intention is not expressed in the instrument, if any, creating the trust, and have effect subject to the terms of that instrument.

(3)This Act does not affect the legality or validity of anything done before the commencement of this Act, except as otherwise hereinbefore expressly provided, and except that the enactments set out in the First Schedule shall be deemed always to have had effect subject to the provisions specified in that Schedule.