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Administrative and Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland) 1958

1958 CHAPTER 20

An Act to make provision with respect to the superannuation benefits and functions of the Comptroller and Auditor-General; to authorise increases in certain charges upon the Consolidated Fund and in certain grants for youth welfare, physical training and recreation; to make provision with respect to the audit of certain educational endowments and with respect to certain loans to civil servants; to amend the Registration of Deeds Acts; to extinguish liabilities to pay, or guarantee the payment of, interest or dividends on certain share capital of the Carrickfergus Harbour Junction Light Railway Company; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid or any of them.

[9th December 1958]

S. 1 rep. by 1987 NI 5

S. 2 rep. by 1962 c. 2 (NI)

S. 3 rep. by 1964 c. 6 (NI)

S. 4 rep. by 1962 c. 7 (NI); 1964 c. 6 (NI)

S. 5 rep. by 1973 NI 1

S. 6 rep. by 1959 c. 23 (NI)

7Extension of 1956 c. 24 s. 8(1), to certain other educational endowments.N.I.

(1)The provisions set out in sub-section (1) of section eight of the Education (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland), 1956, with respect to the audit and inspection of the accounts of educational endowments dealt with by schemes in force under the Educational Endowments (Ireland) Act, 1885 M1, shall extend to the educational endowments dealt with in the schemes set out in the Schedule to the Educational Endowments (Confirmation of Schemes) Act (Northern Ireland), 1956 M2.

Subs. (2) amends s. 8 of 1956 c. 24 (NI); subs. (3) rep. by SLR 1973

Marginal Citations

8 F1Extension of power to make loans under 1957 c. 10.N.I.

The power of the Ministry of Finance to make a loan under paragraph 2 of the First Schedule to the Government Loans Act (Northern Ireland), 1957, for the purpose of assisting a civil servant to purchase or build a house for his own accommodation shall include the power to make such a loan to a civil servant for the purpose of enlarging or structurally improving any house purchased or built by him for his own accommodation with the assistance of such a loan or for providing, enlarging or structurally improving any outoffices used or to be used in connection therewith.

F1Rep. with saving by 1983 NI 1

S. 9 rep. by 1967 c. 30 (NI)

S. 10 rep. by 1970 c. 25 (NI)

S. 11 rep. by 1984 NI 15

12Short title.N.I.

This Act may be cited as the Administrative and Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland), 1958.