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N.I.Meetings of the Council

11(1)At a meeting of the Council the Chairman shall, if present, be Chairman of the Meeting.N.I.

(2)If the Chairman is absent the deputy Chairman shall be Chairman.

(3)If neither the Chairman nor the deputy Chairman is present or if such offices are vacant, the members present shall elect one of their number to be Chairman of the meeting.

12(1)The quorum for a meeting of the Council shall be seven or such greater number as the Council may from time to time determine.N.I.

(2)Every question at a meeting of the Council shall be decided by the votes of the majority of those present and voting, and, in case of an equal division of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

(3)Subject to sub-paragraph (1), the Council may act notwithstanding vacancies in its membership.

(4)Subject to the provisions of this Schedule, the Council may, by standing orders or otherwise, regulate its procedure and business.

13N.I.The Council shall hold general meetings at least twice in every year of which not less than one shall be held at the principal premises of the Council for the time being. The other meetings may be held at such premises as the Council may determine to be most convenient.

14N.I.The Chairman or any two members of the Council may at any time summon a special meeting for any cause that seems to him or them sufficient.

15N.I.Notice in writing of every meeting, whether general, special or adjourned, shall be delivered or sent through the post to each member of the Council by the Secretary, or by some other person acting under the direction of the Council, or, in the case of a special meeting, by or under the direction of the person or persons summoning the meeting, seven clear days at least before the date of the meeting, so far as in the case of an adjourned meeting the interval between the original and adjourned meetings will permit. Every notice of meeting shall state the place, day and hour of the meeting and every notice of a special meeting shall further state the matters to be considered thereat.

16N.I.If a quorum shall not have assembled within half an hour after the time appointed for any meeting the member or members of the Council present, or the Secretary if no member of the Council be present, may adjourn the meeting. Any meeting may be adjourned by the Chairman upon the adoption of a resolution for its adjournment.