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Administrative and Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland) 1956

1956 CHAPTER 17

An Act to make certain amendments in the law relating to holdings subject to land purchase annuity; to amend the law with respect to the duration and cost of firearm certificates and permits; to make further provision with respect to the salary of the Comptroller and Auditor-General; to make further provision with respect to public accounts and the receipt, issue, borrowing and funding of public moneys; to provide for the variation of the rate of interest payable on certain compensation moneys; and otherwise to amend the law with respect to certain administrative and financial matters and with respect to certain functions of the Ministry of Finance.

[4th December 1956]

1 F1Amendment of certain provisions of the Land Purchase Acts as to the creation of certain tenancies.N.I.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the following enactments—

Paras. (a)‐(d) rep. by 1997 NI 8

(e)sub-section (1) of section fifty-four of the Irish Land Act, 1903 M1; and

(f)sub-section (1) of section thirty of the Northern Ireland Land Act, 1925 M2;

it shall not be necessary to obtain the consent of the Ministry of Finance to the creation of any tenancy for a term of thirty-one years or less of a holding or part of a holding to which those enactments apply and, accordingly, those enactments shall not apply to any such tenancy created after the passing of this Act.

F1Functions transf., 1982 NI 6

Marginal Citations

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S. 12 adds ss. 33A(4), 33AA to, and amends s. 35 of, 1950 c. 3 (NI); subs. (3) rep. by 1998 NI 4

S. 13 substitutes s. 15 of 1953 c. 2 (NI)

14Amendment as to rate of interest on compensation moneys for land compulsorily acquired under certain enactments.N.I.

(1)F2 The rate of interest payable on compensation money in respect of land compulsorily acquired under any of the following enactments, that is to say:—

(3)A determination of the rate of interest by the Ministry of Finance under sub-section (1) or under section twelve of the Public Health and Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Northern Ireland), 1955 M4, shall be made by order which shall be subject to negative resolution.

S. 15 rep. by 1958 c. 23 (NI)

16Alternative citation of certain enactments.N.I.

S. 17 rep. by 2001 c. 6 (NI)

S. 18 rep. by SLR 1973

19Short title.N.I.

This Act may be cited as the Administrative and Financial Provisions Act (Northern Ireland), 1956.


First Schedule- Amendments.


Second Schedule rep. by 2001 c. 6 (NI)


Third Schedule rep. by SLR 1973