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2Abandonment of certain canals, and functions of the Ministry in relation thereto.N.I.

(1)On and after the respective vesting date—

(a)the Coalisland Canal and the Upper Reaches of the Lagan Navigation and the Upper Bann Navigation (in this Act together referred to as “the abandoned canals”) shall cease to be used for the purposes of navigation and shall be abandoned accordingly:

Paras.(b)(c) spent

(d)the Ministry may, in and upon and in connection with the abandoned canals, carry out such works as appear to the Ministry to be necessary or expedient for the purpose of securing that the abandoned canals shall not by reason of their abandonment cause danger to the public or damage to property, and for any purpose related to those matters.

(2)For the purpose of the exercise of its functions under paragraph ( d) of the preceding sub-section the Ministry shall have power—

(a)to enter on any land and there to do all such acts and things as may be reasonably necessary for the due exercise of the said functions;

(b)to purchase (either by agreement or compulsorily in accordance with the next succeeding section) or take on lease any land, or any easements, water rights or other rights or interests whatsoever in, to or over any land in the vicinity of the abandoned canals or any stream flowing from or into the abandoned canals;

(c)to enter upon any lands proposed to be, or in the course of being, acquired under this Act and with the consent of the owner thereof to carry out thereon such works and do all such other acts and things as may be reasonably necessary for or incidental or ancillary to the due exercise of the said functions;

(d)to restrict, terminate or otherwise interfere with any easements or other rights.