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14Suspension of charges.N.I.

(1)When and so often as the Fund amounts to the sum of twenty thousand pounds (the invested portion being taken at the current market prices) or the Trustees are of opinion that the Fund is at the time being sufficient to meet all sums which may reasonably be expected to be payable thereout during the next ensuing six months, the Trustees shall forthwith so inform the Ministry; and thereupon the Ministry may, if it so thinks fit, by order made after consultation with the Trustees suspend, for such time from the date of the order as shall be specified in the order, the payment by the owners of animals exported of the charges required by this Act to be paid by them in respect of such animals.

(2)Every order made by the Ministry under this section may be amended, revoked, or continued by a subsequent order so made.

(3)No order made under this section shall operate to relieve from, or to impose, a liability to pay charges under this Act in respect of animals exported before the date of such order.