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PART IIIN.I.Provisions as to Exchequer Funds, etc.

29Power to provide against loss of capital.N.I.

(1)In the exercise of its powers under this Act with respect to the investment, accumulation, and application of any fund the Ministry may from time to time make provision, whether out of the income of that fund or out of any profit resulting from the sale or redemption of any investment made in connection therewith or in such other manner and to such an extent as it may think fit, for any loss of capital which has occurred or which in the opinion of the Ministry is likely to occur on the realisation or redemption of any investments held by it for the purposes of any such fund and any provision so made shall be shown in the accounts of the fund to which it relates.

(2)Any enactment (whether passed before or after this Act, and including this Act) which authorises sums to be charged on and issued out of the Consolidated Fund to any such fund as aforesaid shall have effect so as to authorise the charge on and issue out of the said Consolidated Fund of such amounts as the Ministry may determine to be necessary for the purpose of making such provision.