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F1SI 1965/1536

N.I.Rules of Good Husbandry

15Good husbandry.N.I.

For the purposes of this Act, agricultural land shall be deemed to be maintained in good condition and to be farmed in accordance with the rules of good husbandry if it is being farmed (as respects both the kind of operations carried out and the way in which they are carried out) so as, having regard to its nature, situation and other relevant circumstances (including the methods of farming practised in the locality), to maintain a reasonable standard of efficient production, as respects both the kind of produce and the quality and quantity thereof, while being kept in a condition to enable such a standard to be maintained in the future. In determining whether land is being farmed as aforesaid, regard shall be had not only to the extent to which the fertility of the soil is being maintained but also to the protection and treatment of crops and pasture and to the general care, upkeep and management of the farm as a whole for the purposes of the particular type of farming carried out on the farm.