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PART IIN.I.Stamp Duties

S. 8 rep. by 2000 c. 17

9Amendment of s.12 of Finance Act, 1895.N.I.

Subs.(1)‐(3) rep. by 1956 c.11 (NI)

(4)Section twelve of the Finance Act, 1895 [1895 c.16] (which relates to duty on property vested by Act or purchased under statutory powers), shall not require any person who is authorised after the coming into force of this section to purchase any property as mentioned in the said section twelve to include in the instrument of conveyance required by that section to be produced to the MinistryF1 anyF2 goods, wares or merchandise forming part of the property nor, if the property consists wholly ofF2 goods, wares or merchandise, to produce any instrument of conveyance thereof to the MinistryF1.F3

F1Functions transf., SI 1973/2163

F2Subst. (prosp.) by 1991 c.31

F3Inserted (prosp.) by 1991 c.31

S.10 amends s.10 of 1948 c.15 (NI)