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PART IVN.I.Miscellaneous and General


(1)Expenses incurred by the Ministry under or in consequence of the passing of this Act shall be defrayed either out of moneys provided by Parliament or (if the Ministry of Finance so directs) by means of sums charged on and issued out of the Consolidated Fund of Northern Ireland. For the purpose of providing any sums so issued out of the said Consolidated Fund the Ministry of Finance may, if it thinks fit, borrow any sum …F1 [F2 for any period or periods not exceeding twenty-five years from the date of borrowing, and provision for the repayment of moneys so borrowed may be made] out of moneys provided by Parliament.

Subs.(2) added by 1955 c.6 (NI), rep. by 1956 c.10 (NI)

S.12 rep. by 1948 c.9 (NI)

S.13 rep. by 1972 NI 22; 1976 NI 25; 1981 NI 3

S.14 rep. by 1981 NI 3

S.15 rep. with saving by 1978 NI 2; 1981 NI 3


In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears, the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them, that is to say:—

F31981 NI 3

F41946 (c.4)

F5SRO (NI) 1964/205; 1973/504; 1976 NI 6

17Short title and construction.N.I.

(1)This Act may be cited as the Housing (No. 2) Act (Northern Ireland), 1946.

(2)This Act shall be construed as one with the Housing Acts and shall be included among the Acts which may together be cited as the Housing Acts (Northern Ireland), 1890 to 1946.

Subs.(3) rep. by 1951 c.13 (NI)