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Ardglass Dock and Harbour Act (Northern Ireland) 1933

1933 CHAPTER 14

An Act to amend the enactments relating to the Harbour of Ardglass in the County of Down and the inside Dock at the said Harbour.

[23rd May 1933]

WHEREAS, by virtue of the Ardglass Harbour Act, 1876 M1, the Harbour of Ardglass in the County of Down (in this Act referred to as “the Harbour”) was vested in the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, and the said Commissioners became the undertakers for the Harbour and were empowered, amongst other things, to levy tolls for the use of the Harbour and to make bye-laws for regulating the Harbour:

And whereas, by virtue of section four of the said Act, the provisions aforesaid extend to all the ground or other property forming the Harbour and the piers, quays and wharfs thereof or in any manner connected therewith, except certain stores and the inside dock which is more particularly described in the Schedule to this Act and is in this Act referred to as “the Dock”:

And whereas by the Ardglass Dock Order, 1878 M2, as confirmed by the Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation Act, 1878 (No. 2), provision was made for the repair, maintenance and regulation of the Dock, and Aubrey De Vere Beauclerck, his heirs, assigns and successors were named as the undertakers for carrying the said Order into execution:

And whereas the Harbour, exclusive of the Dock, was vested in the Ministry of Commerce in pursuance of the Government of Ireland Act, 1920 M3, the Government of Ireland (Transfer and Apportionment of Property) Order, 1922, the Transfer of Property (Buildings, etc.) (Northern Ireland) Order, 1922, and sections one and two of the Administrative Provisions Act (Northern Ireland), 1925 M4, and the undertaking consisting of the Harbour is carried on by the said Ministry in pursuance of the Ministries of Northern Ireland Act, 1921 M5 [N.I.]:

And whereas the Dock is now vested in the said Ministry by virtue of assurances from the persons entitled to convey the same:

And whereas it is expedient that the Dock should for all purposes form part of the Harbour undertaking of the said Ministry and be subject to the provisions of the Ardglass Harbour Act, 1876, in like manner as the Harbour exclusive of the Dock, and that provision should be made with respect to tolls for the use of the Dock, bye-laws for regulating the same, and the laying up of vessels therein:

And whereas the consent of the Board of Trade to this Act has been obtained in accordance with the provisions of section nine of the Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1932 M6, passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom:

1Inclusion of the Dock in the Harbour undertaking.N.I.

(1)The DockF1 shall form part of the Harbour and be held by the Ministry of Commerce as the undertakers for the purposes of the Harbour.

Subs.(2) rep. by SRO (NI) 1973/35

F1SRO (NI) 1973/35

Ss.2‐5 rep. by SRO (NI) 1973/35