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Labelling of Vessels containing Petroleum-SpiritN.I.

5 F1Provisions as to the labelling of vessels containing petroleum-spirit.N.I.

(1)Subject as hereinafter provided, where any petroleum-spirit—

(a)is kept at any place; or

(b)is sent or conveyed between any two places in Northern Ireland; or

(c)is sold or exposed or offered for sale;

there shall be attached to, or, where that is impracticable, displayed near, the vessel containing the petroleum-spirit, a label showing, in conspicuous characters, the words “Petroleum-Spirit” and the words “Highly Inflammable,” and—

(i)in the case of petroleum-spirit kept, the name and address of the consignee or owner:

(ii)in the case of petroleum-spirit sent or conveyed, the name and address of the sender:

(iii)in the case of petroleum-spirit sold or exposed or offered for sale, the name and address of the vendor:

Provided that, for the purposes of the foregoing provisions—

(a)petroleum-spirit shall not be deemed to be kept during the seven days next after it has been imported; and

(b)petroleum-spirit carried on any motor vehicle, ship, or aircraft, but intended to be used only for the purposes thereof shall not be deemed to be conveyed.

(2)Any person who keeps, sends, conveys, sells, or exposes or offers for sale any petroleum-spirit in contravention of this section shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding[F2 level 2 on the standard scale], and the court before whom any person is convicted in respect of any such contravention may order that the petroleum-spirit, in respect of which the contravention occurs, and any vessel in which it is contained be forfeited or otherwise dealt with in such manner as the court thinks fit.

F1mod. by SR 1981/283; 1992/260