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Railway MattersN.I.

3Saving for powers as to transit of animals and produce.N.I.

Subs.(1) rep. in pt. by SLR 1973; residue spent

(2)The Ministry of Agriculture, in the exercise of any of its powers so far as they relate to the transit of animals and produce, shall act in consultation with the Ministry of Commerce.

S.4 rep. by 1948 c.11 (NI)

5Grants for purposes of light railways.N.I.

The Ministry of Commerce may, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Finance, make grants out of any moneys provided by Parliament for any purposes of the Tramways (Ireland) Acts, 1860 to 1900, for which, before the appointed day, grants could have been made by or under the authority of the Treasury of the United Kingdom.

Grants made under this section shall be subject to the same conditions and limitations as were applicable to grants made for any of the said purposes before the appointed day.

6Saving for Railway and Canal Commission.N.I.

Nothing in this Act shall be construed as making fresh provision with respect to the powers of the Railway and Canal Commission in Northern Ireland.