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3 Field master how to be appointed.E+W+S

And at every such meeting to be had as aforesaid it shall and may be lawful to and for the major part in number and value of the occupiers (then present) of such open or common field lands, in each parish or place respectively, to elect and chuse one or more proper person or persons as field master or field reeve, field masters or field reeves to superintend the ordering, fencing, cultivating and improving of such open and common fields, and to see that the same are kept, ordered and continued in such a course of husbandry as shall be constituted, directed and appointed at such meeting in manner aforesaid; and such field master or field reeve so to be elected and chosen as aforesaid shall continue in the said office until the twenty-first day of May then next following, or within three days after, and no longer, unless he or they shall be thereto re-elected and chosen in manner herein-after directed.