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Fisheries Act 1705

1705 c. 48

Act for advancing and establishing the Fishing Trade in and about this Kingdom

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2This act is listed in 12mo edition as 1705 c. 2

Our Sovereign Lady and the Estates of Parliament taking to consideration the great and many advantages that may arise to this Nation by encouraging the Salmond White and Herring fishings they being not only a natural and certain fund to advance the trade and increase the wealth thereof but also a true and ready way to breed seamen and set many poor and idle people to work And albeit there be several good acts already made to encourage and carry on that trade yet they are either in dissuetude defective or do not answer the present circumstances Therefore that so great and general a concern may take effect in time coming Her Majesty with advice and consent of the Estates of Parliament Authorizes and Impowers all her good subjects of this Kingdom to take buy and cure herring and white fish in all sundry and seas channells bays firths lochs rivers etc. of this her Majesties ancient Kingdom and Islands thereto belonging wheresoever herring or white fish are or may be taken And for their greater conveniency to have the free use of all ports harbours shoars fore-lands and others for bringing in pickeling drying unloading and loading the same upon payment of the ordinary dues where harbours are built that is such as are paid for ships boats and other goods and Discharges all other exactions as a nights fishing in the week commonly called Saturday’s fishing top money stallage and the like . . . F1

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