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Citation Act 1686

1686 c. 5

Act ordaining all executions to be subscrived by the witnesses without necessity of stamping

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2This Act is listed in 12mo edition as 1686 c. 4

Our Soveraigne Lord with advice and Consent of his Estates of Parliament Statuts and ordaines That in tyme coming all Citations befor the Lords of Session and Citations befor any other Judges Civil or Criminall which formerly by Law or custome used to be in writt and all executions of letters of horning inhibition and others whatsomever be subscrived by the executor therof and the witnesses therto Otherways to be null and void And that the same shall not be quarrellable for the want of stamping any Law or Practique to the contrar Notwithstanding