Parliament Act 1661

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Parliament Act 1661

1661 c. 7

Act anent his Maiesties Prerogative in calling and dissolveing of Parliamentis and makeing of Lawis

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C2This Act is listed in 12mo edition as 1661 c. 3

The Estates of Parliament now Conveened by his Maiesties speciall Authority Considering that the quyetnes stability and happines of the people doe depend vpon the safety of the Kings Maiesties sacred person and the mantenance of his Soverane Authority Princely power and prerogative Royall And conceaveing themselffs obleidged in conscience in discharge of their dueties to Almightie God to the Kings Maisetie and to their Native Cuntrie to make a due acknowledgement therof at this time Doe therfor unanimouslie Declare That they will with their lives and fortunes mantaine and defend the same And they doe heirby acknowledge That the power of calling holding proroguing and dissolveing of Parliaments and all Conventions and meitings of the Estates Doth sollie reside in the Kings Maiestie his aires and successours And that as no Parliament can be lawfully keept without the speciall warrand and presence of the Kings Maiestie or his Commissioner So no acts sentences or statuts to be past in any Parliament can be binding vpon the people or have the authority and force of lawes without the speciall authority and approbation of the Kings Maiestie or his Commissioner interponed therto at the makeing therof . . . F1

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