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Burghs Act 1587

1587 c. 114

Act inhibiting the burrowis to sell or dispone thair fredomes without consent of the estates in parliament

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Short title “The Burghs Act 1587” given by Statute Law Revision (Scotland) Act 1964 (c. 80), Sch. 2

C2This Act is listed in 12mo edition as 1587 c. 113

Forsamekle as it [is] not lauchfull to ony of the kingis vassallis to sell and annalie thair landis in preiudice of his Maiestie thair superiour Evin sa it is fund expedient statute and ordanit be our souerane lord and thre estaitis in this present parliament That it sall not be lauchfull to ony of his hienes frie burrowis To sell or annalie thair fredome and priuilege in haill or in pairt to ony vther burght or vtherwyse quatsumeuir without expres licence and consent of his hienes and thrie estaittis in parliament vnder the pane of amissioun and tinsall of the fredome of the burgh othir byand or selland the saidis fredomes in haill or in pairt as said is