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Disqualification of Ministers Act 1584

1584 c. 6

That ministeris sall not be Jugeis nor exerce ony vther ordinare office that may abstract thame fra thair office

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2This Act is listed in 12mo edition as 1584 c.133

The kingis maiestie and his thrie estatis assemblit in this present parliament earnistlie desirous That all his loving and guid subiectis salbe faithfullie instructit in the doctrine of thair saluatioun And that the ministeris of godis word and sacramentis may the better and mair diligentlie attend vpoun thair awin chargeis and vocatioun Thairfoir statutis and ordinis that all the saidis ministeris sall lawfullie await thairvpoun to the comfort and edificatioun of the flokis committit vnto thame And that nane of thame presentlie being in that functioun or that salbe admittit thairto in tyme cumming sall in ony wayis accept vse or administrat ony place of Judicature in quhatsumeuir ciuill or criminall causes not to be of the college of Justice commissionaris aduocatis court clerkis or notaris in ony materis (the making of testamentis onlie exceptit) vnder the pane of depriuatioun from thair benefices levingis and functioun And gif they failyie heirin being callit tryit [and] adiugeit culpable be thair ordinaris or the kingis maiesties commissionaris in ecclesiasticall causes They sall then tyne thair saidis benefices and levingis and vtheris qualefeit personis salbe presentit and prouidit thairto as gif they wer naturallie dead