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College of Justice Act 1540

1540 c. 10 Sess Mar 14

Ratificatioune of the Institutioune of the college of iustice

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2This Act is listed in 12mo edition as 1540 c. 93.

The kingis grace with avise of his thre estatis of parliament vnderstanding that the Institutioune of his college of Justice and actis maid thairupoune are rycht proffitable to his grace and all the haill realme And thairfor now eftir his parfite aige of xxv yeris has ratifyit and apprevit Ratifyis and apprevis for him and his successouris the institutioune of the said college of Justice and actis maid for administratioune of Justice thairin . . . F1 And will and ordanis for the causses forsaid That the said college and Institutioune thairof remane perpetualie for the administratioune of Justice to all the liegis of this realme And to be honowrit siclik as ony vthir college of Justice In vthir realmis . . . F2 And in absence of president and vicepresident Will that the eldest in ordour of the saidis senatouris be president for the tyme to the effect that thair be na stop of iustice ony tyme throw absence of the saidis president and vicepresident