Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020

1Overview of this ActE+W

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(1)Part 2 of this Act changes the name of the National Assembly for Wales to “Senedd Cymru” or “the Welsh Parliament” and makes connected changes.

(2)Part 3 of this Act extends the right to vote for elections to the Senedd to persons aged 16 and 17 and qualifying foreign citizens and makes related changes to electoral registration. It also makes provision about the financial and oversight arrangements for the work of the Electoral Commission in relation to devolved Welsh elections and devolved referendums.

(3)Part 4 of this Act amends the law relating to persons disqualified from membership of the Senedd.

(4)Part 5 of this Act contains miscellaneous provisions regarding the Senedd and Senedd elections that—

(a)extend the time within which the first meeting of the Senedd after a general election must be held;

(b)clarify the powers of the Senedd Commission to charge for the provision of goods and services;

(c)require the Welsh Ministers to report on the operation of the provisions of this Act that extend the right to vote and change qualification for membership of the Senedd.

(5)Part 6 of this Act contains general provisions about the interpretation of this Act, the coming into force of the provisions of the Act, and the short title.