Explanatory Notes

Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020


15 January 2020


Part 3.Elections

Electoral Registration

Section 22 – Service declarations: further provision

62.Section 22 makes further provision about service declarations in amendments to the 2001 regulations.

63.Section 22 (2) amends regulation 25 and requires a registration officer to send a reminder to a person who has a service qualification under section 14(1A) of the 1983 Act that the service declaration will cease to have effect and that the entitlement to remain registered will cease when the person attains the age of 18.

64.Section 22(3)(a) amends regulation 26B so that a person claiming a service qualification under section 14(1A) is not subject to the requirement to provide the documents set out in paragraphs (2) to (6) of the regulation.

65.Section 22(3)(b) also amends regulation 26B by setting out the documents which a registration officer may require in the case of a person claiming a service qualification under section 14(1A). A registration officer may require the applicant to provide an original or a copy of the applicant’s passport or identity card. If a copy is provided it must be certified by a “relevant official”. Section 22(3)(b) inserts a definition of “relevant official” into regulation 26B and excludes from that definition the applicant’s parent, guardian, spouse or civil partner.