Commentary on Sections

Part 8 – Interpretation and Final Provisions

Schedule 16 - Group relief

Part 2 - The relief

367.Paragraph 2 of the Schedule provides that a transaction is relieved from LTT where it involves a land transfer between companies within the same group. This is referred to as “group relief”. Group relief allows companies to transfer property within a corporate group structure without incurring a LTT charge, as such transfers do not result in the effective economic interest changing hands.

368.In this Schedule a company is defined as a “body corporate”, and companies are defined as members of the same group if one is the 75% subsidiary of the other or both are 75% subsidiaries of a third company. Paragraph 3 explains the meaning of a 75% subsidiary by reference to ordinary share capital and profits and assets available for distribution. The amount of ordinary share capital owned is to be determined in accordance with sections 1155 to 1157 of the Corporation Tax Act 2010.