Explanatory Notes

Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Act 2016


25 April 2016

Commentary on Sections

Part 3 – Tax Returns, Enquiries and Assessments

Sections 50-51 – Completion of enquiry

53.Section 50 provides for the completion of an enquiry. The WRA is required to issue a closure notice to the person who made the tax return on completion of an enquiry. A closure notice must state whether or not an amendment is required and must make any amendment necessary. Any tax payable as a result of an amendment made by the closure notice must be paid within 30 days of the notice being issued.

54.Section 51 provides for the person who made the return to seek from the tribunal a direction that the WRA should issue a closure notice. The tribunal must give a direction unless it is satisfied the WRA has reasonable grounds for this not to happen. Tribunal rules will set out the procedure for an application of this kind.