Explanatory Notes

Local Government (Wales) Act 2015


25 November 2015

Commentary on Sections

Section 21 – Reporting on initial review

44.Following the period for representations the Commission is required to consider its proposals in light of any representations it has received, and must then prepare a further report including the recommendations for the electoral arrangements for the proposed principal area, any consequential recommendations to community boundaries and wards, details of the review and subsequent consultation, and details of any changes made to the initial report in light of any representations made to it.

45.The Commission must submit the report and its recommendations to the Welsh Ministers, publish the report online, make it available for inspection in specified places for at least 6 weeks without charge, send a copy of the report to the mandatory consultees and Ordnance Survey, and inform those persons who submitted evidence or made representations in connection with the initial report of how to obtain a copy of the report.

46.Ordinarily no recommendations are to be made or published in connection with reviews relating to electoral arrangements in the 9 months before an ordinary election. However, because the period of time during which the Commission will be conducting reviews of proposed principal areas is likely to include the period leading up to the ordinary elections of 2017, section 21(5) suspends the relevant provision of the Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013 in relation to recommendations made by the Commission under section 21 in relation to a proposed principal area. Without this suspension, it would be extremely difficult for the Commission to carry out its review programme in good time before the first elections of Shadow Authorities.