Explanatory Notes

Qualifications Wales Act 2015


05 August 2015

Commentary on Sections

Schedule 1 Qualification Wales

Part 1 – Establishment of Qualifications Wales

Paragraphs 10 to 16: The chief executive and other staff

126.The first chief executive will be appointed by the Welsh Ministers, for a period of up to three years and subsequent appointments will be made by Qualifications Wales. Reappointments to the role of chief executive are permitted.

127.Other than the first chief executive, Qualifications Wales may appoint its own staff. (This is in addition to the power of the Welsh Ministers to make a transfer scheme under Schedule 2 to the Act to transfer staff from the Welsh Government to Qualifications Wales). Qualifications Wales will determine the terms and conditions, remuneration and pension provisions for staff – but these arrangements must be approved by the Welsh Ministers. The staff of Qualifications Wales will not be civil servants.