Explanatory Notes

Qualifications Wales Act 2015


05 August 2015

Commentary on Sections

Part 5: Designation of Other Qualifications

Section 29: Designation of other qualifications

66.This section enables Qualifications Wales to designate a form of qualification so that the designated qualification is eligible to be provided on publicly funded courses of education or training for learners under the age of 19. A recognised body may apply for designation in respect of a form of qualification it offers and in respect of which it is recognised by Qualifications Wales. Qualifications Wales can only make a designation if it is satisfied that the conditions in subsection (4) are met. The conditions relate to the appropriateness of the form of qualification being used on a publicly funded course and to the appropriateness of the form of qualification being designated rather than approved. The ability to designate forms of qualifications is intended to assist in the transition of qualifications from the previous regulatory regime into that of Qualifications Wales, enabling Qualifications Wales itself to consider and judge which qualifications should be approved – other than any which may be transferred to it as approved (under powers to make transitional provision in Part 9). It will also enable Qualifications Wales to allow or continue to allow the public funding of courses leading to particular forms of qualification where appropriate, so as to avoid gaps in publicly funded provision arising should some qualifications not be submitted for approval. Qualifications Wales may designate forms of qualifications as being eligible for use on a specific course of education or training (for example, for use on certain apprenticeship programmes) or as being eligible for funding on courses for learners under the age of 19 more generally.