Explanatory Notes

Qualifications Wales Act 2015


05 August 2015

Commentary on Sections

Schedule 3: Further Provision about Recognition of Awarding Bodies

Paragraphs 4 and 5: Special conditions to which recognition may be subject

149.These paragraphs set out the other type of conditions (known as special conditions) that may be placed on a recognised awarding body by Qualifications Wales, including (but not limited to) fee-capping (a requirement that certain fees don’t exceed a given limit); transfer (the purpose of which is to ensure that an approved or designated qualification awarded by the recognised body may be awarded by another body); and a requirement for recognised awarding bodies to comply with directions given by Qualifications Wales under paragraph 4. Provision is made for Qualifications Wales to revise or revoke these special conditions, and there are also requirements regarding notification and timing.

150.Qualifications Wales’s policy statement must set out the circumstances in which recognition of an awarding body is likely to be made subject to a special condition, when special conditions are likely to be reviewed or revised and the factors that are likely to be taken into account in doing that (section 47(2)).