Explanatory Notes

Planning (Wales) Act 2015


6 July 2015

Commentary on Sections

Part 9 General Provisions

Section 55 – Regulations and orders made by Welsh Ministers

192.Section 55 introduces Schedule 7. Schedule 7 makes a number of amendments to the TCPA 1990 in order to bring together the procedures for making orders and regulations. Similar amendments are made to the PCPA 2004 and the Commons Act 2006.

Section 56 Interpretation

193.Section 56 defines “PCPA 2004” and “TCPA 1990”.

Section 57 Power to make consequential etc provision

194.Section 57 allows the Welsh Ministers to make provisions in regulations as may be necessary to give full effect to, or in consequence of, the Act. This includes power to amend Acts of Parliament or Acts or Measures of the National Assembly for Wales. If regulations do propose to amend Acts of Parliament or Acts or Measures of the Assembly, they cannot be made unless a draft is laid before and approved by the Assembly. In other circumstances, regulations may be made without prior approval of the Assembly, but may be annulled by the Assembly.

Section 58 – Coming into force

195.This section sets out the provisions that come into effect on the date of Royal Assent; and those that come into force by commencement orders made by the Welsh Ministers. Provisions in Parts 2 to 7 come into force two months after Royal Assent to the extent necessary to enable the Welsh Ministers to exercise the function of making regulations and orders.