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Guidance and directions in relation to the purpose of this ActE+W


(1)Subsection (2) applies if, in relation to a policy statement issued by a relevant authority, the Welsh Ministers consider that the authority's alternative policy for the exercise of functions (in whole or in part) is not likely to contribute to the pursuit of the purpose of this Act.

(2)The Welsh Ministers may direct the relevant authority to take any action which the Welsh Ministers consider appropriate for the purpose of securing the exercise of functions by the authority in accordance with the statutory guidance issued to the authority in accordance with this Act.

(3)A relevant authority subject to a direction under this section must comply with it; this includes a direction to exercise a power or duty that is contingent upon the opinion of the relevant authority.

(4)A direction under this section—

(a)must be given in writing;

(b)may be varied or revoked by a later direction;

(c)is enforceable by mandatory order on application by, or on behalf of, the Welsh Ministers.