(1)In this Act—

(2)A person is associated with another person for the purpose of the definition of “domestic abuse” in subsection (1) if—

(a)they are or have been married to each other;

(b)they are or have been civil partners of each other;

(c)they live or have lived together in an enduring family relationship (whether they are of different sexes or the same sex);

(d)they live or have lived in the same household; and for this purpose a person is a member of another person’s household if—

(i)the person normally lives with the other person as a member of his or her family, or

(ii)the person might reasonably be expected to live with that other person;

(e)they are relatives;

(f)they have agreed to marry one another (whether or not that agreement has been terminated);

(g)they have entered into a civil partnership agreement between them (whether or not that agreement has been terminated);

(h)they have or have had an intimate personal relationship with each other;

(i)in relation to a child, each of them is a parent of the child or has, or has had, parental responsibility for the child.

(3)If a child has been adopted or falls within subsection (4), two persons are also associated with each other for the purposes of the definition of “domestic abuse” in subsection (1) if—

(a)one is a natural parent of the child or a parent of such a natural parent, and

(b)the other is—

(i)the child, or

(ii)a person who has become a parent of the child by virtue of an adoption order, who has applied for an adoption order or with whom the child has at any time been placed for adoption.

(4)A child falls within this subsection if—

(a)an adoption agency, within the meaning of section 2 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (c.38), is authorised to place the child for adoption under section 19 of that Act (placing children with parental consent) or the child has become the subject of an order under section 21 of that Act (placement orders), or

(b)the child is freed for adoption by virtue of an order made—

(i)in England and Wales, under section 18 of the Adoption Act 1976 (c.36), or

(ii)in Northern Ireland, under Article 17(1) or 18(1) of the Adoption (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 (S.I. 1987/2203), or

(c)the child is the subject of a Scottish permanence order which includes granting authority to adopt.

(5)In this section—


(1)The following provisions come into force on the day this Act receives Royal Assent—

(2)Section 10 and sections 14 to 21 come into force two months after the day on which this Act receives Royal Assent.

(3)The remaining provisions of this Act come into force on a day appointed by the Welsh Ministers in an order made by statutory instrument.

(4)An order under subsection (3) may—

(a)appoint different days for different purposes;

(b)include such transitory or transitional provision as the Welsh Ministers consider appropriate.

26Short title

The short title of this Act is the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act 2015.