Warning and review procedure for certain notices and directions

44Review of notices and directions

(1)If HEFCW give a governing body a notice or direction to which this section applies, the governing body may (subject to any provision made as described in subsection (4)(a)) apply for a review of the notice or direction.

(2)A review is to be carried out by a person, or a panel of persons, appointed by the Welsh Ministers; and the Welsh Ministers may pay remuneration and allowances to persons appointed under this subsection.

(3)The Welsh Ministers must by regulations make provision in connection with reviews under this section.

(4)The regulations may, among other things, make provision—

(a)about the grounds on which an application for a review may be made;

(b)about the period within which, and the way in which, an application may be made;

(c)about the procedure to be followed by a person or panel carrying out a review;

(d)about steps to be taken by HEFCW following a review;

(e)for a notice or direction to which this section applies not to be treated as having been given until any steps specified in the regulations have been taken, or until any period specified in the regulations has expired.