Explanatory Notes

Higher Education (Wales) Act 2015


12 March 2015

Commentary on Sections of the Act

Part 5 – Fee and Access Plans: Withdrawal of Approval etc

Section 40 – Publication etc. of notice under Part 5

118.This section requires HEFCW to give a copy of any notice they give under Part 5 to the Welsh Ministers and to publish the notice. Regulations made by the Welsh Minsters may make provision about the way in which HEFCW must give a copy of the notice to the Welsh Minsters and publish the notice, and about when they must do so. Regulations might include a requirement for HEFCW to provide the Welsh Ministers with a copy of the notice within a specified period of time of it being given to an institution. Regulations might also require HEFCW to publish the notice on a web site or in a newspaper.