Explanatory Notes

Housing (Wales) Act 2014


17 September 2014

Commentary on Sections

Part 4 Standards for Social Housing

Section 127– Powers of entry and inspection

226.The powers available under this section may be exercised by any of the persons mentioned in subsection (2). But the power to enter premises of a local housing authority does not include a right of entry to a dwelling.

227.These powers give a person mentioned in subsection (2) the right to inspect and take copies of any information recorded in any form kept by the authority and any other documents if the person considers the information relevant to the exercise of his or her functions under this Part. This includes a right of access to any computer and any associated apparatus or material on which information may be stored. The person or someone assisting them can require a person who has used a computer, someone who operates it on his or her behalf, or someone in charge of such equipment or material, to provide reasonable assistance.