Explanatory Notes

Housing (Wales) Act 2014


17 September 2014

Commentary on Sections

Part 4 Standards for Social Housing

Section 125 – Directions

224.A local housing authority to which, or any of its officers to whom, a direction or instruction is given must comply with it. Directions or instructions may be given in respect of powers or duties which are normally exercisable subject to the authority’s opinion or the opinion of its officers. For example, a power conferred on an authority may be exercisable only if the authority is satisfied that its exercise is likely to achieve a particular outcome. If an authority were directed to exercise the power by Ministers, it would have to exercise of the power irrespective of its opinion about the likelihood of achieving the outcome in question. Directions given under this Part can be varied or revoked by a later direction and are enforceable by the Welsh Ministers applying for a mandatory order.