7Resolution of disputes about amounts payable

(1)This section applies where a dispute arises between the owner of a horse and a local authority as to—

(a)the amount that the owner of the horse is liable to pay to the local authority under section 4(1) or 5(4), or

(b)the amount that the local authority is liable to pay to the owner of the horse under section 5(5).

(2)The owner of the horse may, within the period of 7 days beginning with that on which the owner receives notice under section 4(3) or 5(7), refer the dispute for resolution by the Welsh Ministers by giving to the Welsh Ministers notice containing a statement of the reasons for disputing the amount.

(3)Where the Welsh Ministers receive a notice under subsection (2) they must forward the notice to the local authority.

(4)The local authority may make representations to the Welsh Ministers within the period of 7 days beginning with that on which it receives the notice forwarded under subsection (3).

(5)The Welsh Ministers may require the local authority to provide any information which they consider may assist them in resolving the dispute.

(6)The Welsh Ministers must resolve the dispute by determining the amount of the liability as soon as is reasonably practicable in all the circumstances.

(7)Where the dispute relates to liability under section 4(1), the local authority may not dispose of the horse while the dispute is awaiting resolution by the Welsh Ministers.