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(introduced by section 72(2))

SCHEDULE 3E+WIndex of defined expressions

The expressions listed in the first column are defined by or (as the case may be) are to be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of this Act listed in the second column in relation to those expressions.


ExpressionRelevant provision
1972 Act (Deddf 1972)Section 72(1)
2011 Measure (Mesur 2011)Section 72(1)
Appropriate implementing authority (Awdurdod gweithredu priodol)Section 36(6)
Assistant Commissioner (Comisiynydd Cynorthwyol)Section 11(1)
Chairing member (Aelod cadeirio)Section 4(1)(a)
Community boundary change (Newid i ffin cymuned)Section 23(4)(a)
Community council change (Newid i gyngor cymuned)Section 23(4)(b)
Community meeting (Cyfarfod cymunedol)Section 72(1)
Electoral arrangements for community (Trefniadau etholiadol ar gyfer cymuned)Section 31(7)
Electoral arrangements for principal area (Trefniadau etholiadol ar gyfer prif ardal)Section 29(9)
Electoral arrangements change (Newid i drefniadau etholiadol)Section 23(4)(c)
Electoral ward (Ward etholiadol)Section 29(11)
Enactment (Deddfiad)Section 72(1)
Executive arrangements (Trefniadau gweithrediaeth)Section 52(9)
Expert (Arbenigwr)Section 10(1)
Local authority (Awdurdod lleol)Section 72(1)
Local government area (Ardal llywodraeth leol)Section 72(1)
Local government elector (Etholwr llywodraeth leol)Section 30
Mandatory consultees (Ymgyngoreion gorfodol)Section 34(3)
Modify (Addasu)Section 72(1)
Multiple member area (Ardal amlaelod)Section 29(11)
Preserved county (Sir wedi ei chadw)Section 27(4)
Preserved county change (Newi i sir wedi ei chadw)Section 23(4)(d)
Principal area (Prif ardal)Section 72(1)
Principal council (Prif gyngor)Section 72(1)
Principal area boundary change (Newid i ffin prif ardal)Section 23(4)(e)
Public body (Corff cyhoeddus)Section 40(6)
Qualifying public body (Corff cyhoeddus cymwys)Section 50(5)
Single member area (Ardal un aelod)Section 29(11)
The Commission (Y Comisiwn)Section 2