Privilege of Parliament Act 1603

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Privilege of Parliament Act 1603

1603 CHAPTER 13 1 Ja 1

An Acte for new Executions to be sued againste any which shall hereafter be delivered out of Execution by Priviledge of Parliament, and for discharge of them out of whose custody such persons shall be delivered.X1

Editorial Information

X1Abbreviations or contractions in the original form of this Act have been expanded into modern lettering in the text set out below.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

Execution may be renewed against Persons discharged by Privilege of Parliament, when they cease to be privileged. Sheriff not liable on Discharge of privileged Persons. Proviso for Censure by Parliament.E+W

For as much as heretofore Doubt hath ben made, if any person being arrested in Execution, and by priviledge of either of the Houses of Parliament set at libertie, whether the partie at whose Suite such Execution was pursued be for ever after barred and disabled to sue forthe a new Writt of Execution in that case: For the avoydinge of all further Doubte and Trouble which in like cases may hereafter ensue, from henceforthe the partie at or by whose Suite such Writt of Execution was pursued, his Executors or Administrators, after such tyme as the priviledge of that Session of Parliament in which such priviledge shall be so graunted shall cease, may sue forthe and execute a newe Writt or Writts of Execution, in such manner and forme as by the Lawe of this Realme hee or they might have done if no suche former Execution had bene taken forthe or served: And from henceforth noe Shiriffe Bayliffe or other Officer from whose Arreste or Custodie any such person so arrested in Execution shalbe delivered by any such Priviledge, shall be charged or chargeable with or by any Accon whatsoever for deliveringe out of Execution any such priviledged person so as is aforesaide, by suche Priviledge of Parliament set at Libertie; Any Lawe Custome or Priviledge heretofore to the contrarie notwithstandinge. Provided alwaies, That this Acte or any thinge therein conteyned shall not extend to the diminishinge of any Punishment to be hereafter by censure in Parliament inflicted upon any person which hereafter shall make or procure to be made any such Arrest as is aforesaide.