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Suffragan Bishops Act 1534

1534 CHAPTER 14 26 Hen 8

An Acte for nomynacyon and consecracyon of Suffragans wythin this Realme.X1

Editorial Information

X1Abbreviations or contractions in the original form of this Act have been expanded into modern lettering in the text set out below.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C2Act explained by Suffragan Bishops Act 1898 (c. 11), s. 1; so far as unrepealed, saved by Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1969 (c. 52), s. 4(2)

Provisions required for Bishops Suffragans. E+W

Albe yt that sythen the begynnynge of this present parlyament good and honerable ordenaunces and statutes have ben made and establyshed for eleccions presentacions consecracions and investynge of Archebyshops and Bishops of this Realme and yn all other the Kynges Domynions, withe all ceremonyes apperteyninge unto the same, as by sondrie Statutes therof made more at large is specified, Yet nevertheles no provysion hitherto hathe byn made for Suffragans, whiche have byn accustomed to be had within this Realme for the more spedye admynistracion of the Sacramentes and other good holsome and devout thinges and laudable ceremonyes, to thencrease of Goddis honour and for the commodyte of good and devout people;

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C4Power to extend to other towns conferred by Suffragans Nomination Act 1888 (c. 56) s. 2

[I.]The Sees of such Bishops. Archbishops and Bishops shall present Two Persons to the King, of whom he shall name One to be Suffragan. Such Suffragans shall be consecrated by the Archbishop.E+W

The Townes of Thetforde, Ippeswiche, Colchester, Dover, Gylford, Southampton, Tawnton, Shaftesbury, Molton, Marleburgh, Bedforde, Leycester, Gloucester, Shrewesbury, Bristowe, Penreth, Bridgewater, Nottingham, Grauntham, Hulle, Huntyngdon, Cambridge, and the townes of Pereth, and Berwyke, [X2Sayncte Germayns in Cornewell] and the Isle of Wyght, shalbe taken and accepted for Sees of Byshops Suffragans to be made in this Realme and yn Wales, and the Byshops of suche Sees shalbe callyd Suffragans of this Realme: And that everie Archebyshope and Byshop of this Realme and of Wales and els where within the Kynges Domynyons, beynge dysposed to have any Suffragane, shall and maye at their liberties name and elect that is to saie everie of theym for their peculyer Diocise, two honest and discrete spirituall parsonnes beynge lernyd and of good conversacion, and those two personnes so by them to be named shall present to Kynges Highnes by their writinge under their seales makynge humble request to his Magestie to gyve to one suche of the said two parsonnes as shall please his Magestie suche title name stile and dignite of Byshope of suche of the Sees above especified as the Kynges Highnes shall thinke moste convenyent for the same; And that the Kynges Magestie upon everie suche presentacion shall have full power and auctoryte to gyve to one of those two personnes, so to his Highnes to be presentid, the stile title and name of a Byshop of suche of the Sees aforesaide as to his Magestie shalbe thought moste convenyent and expedient, so it be within the same Province wherof the Byshop that dothe name hym is; And that everie suche personne to whom the Kynges Highnes shall gyve any such stile and title of anye of the Sees aforenamyd shalbe callyd Byshop Suffragane of the same See wherunto he shalbe namyd; And after suche title stile and name so gyven as is aforesaide, the Kynges Magestie shall present everie suche personne by his letters patentes under hys his greate Seale to the Archebishop of Canturburie, yf the towne wherof he hathe his title be within the province of Canturbury, and lykewise to the Archebishop of Yorke yf the towne wherof he hath his title be within the province of Yorke, signifyenge and declaringe by the same letters patentes the name of the personne presentid, and the stile and title of dignite of the Bishoprich wherunto he shalbe nomynated, requyringe the same Archebishop to whom suche letters patentes shalbe directid to consecrate the said personne so nomynate and presentid to the same name title stile and dignite of Bishop that he shalbe nomynated and presentid unto, and to gyve hym all suche creacions benediccions and ceremonies as to the degre and office of a Byshope Suffragane shalbe requysite.

Editorial Information

X2Interlined in the Original Act.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

II Such Suffragans shall have all Powers as heretofore.E+W

And all and everie suche personne and personnes, as shall be nomynated elected presentid and consecrate as is afore rehersid, shalbe taken accepted and reputed in all degrees and places accordinge to the stile title name and dignitie that he shalbe so presentid unto, . . . F1

Textual Amendments

F1Words repealed (with saving) by Dioceses Measure 1978 (No. 1, SIF 21:3), s. 15(2)(a)(3)–(5)

III Suffragans shall be consecrated within Three Months.E+W

And everie Archebishop of this Realme, to whome any the Kynges letters patentes yn the cases afore rehersid shalbe directid havinge no laufull impediment, shall performe and accomplishe the effectes and contentes of this acte within the tyme of iij monethes nexte after suche letters patentes shall come to their handes; any usages customes foreyn lawes privileges prescripcions or other thinge or thinges heretofore used had or don to the contrarie.

IV Authority, &c. of Suffragans shall be limited by their Commissions, which they shall not exceed, on Pain of Premunire.E+W

Provyded alwayes that no suche Suffragans, whiche shalbe made and consecrate by vertue and auctorite of this acte, shall take or perceyve any maner of profytts of the places and Sees wherof they shalbe namyd, . . . F2

Textual Amendments

F2Words repealed (with saving) by Dioceses Measure 1978 (No. 1, SIF 21:3), s. 15(2)(b)(3)(4)

F3V Costs of their Consecration.E+W

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Textual Amendments

VI Residence of Suffraganes.E+W

Provyded also that the residence of hym that shalbe Suffragane, on the Diocese [F4of the bishop to whom he shall be suffragan], shall serve hym for his residence, as sufficiently as yf he were residente uppon any other his benefice, any acte heretofore made to the contrarie notwithstandynge.

Textual Amendments

VII. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . F5E+W