Article 2

SCHEDULEPrescribed units of Production and determination of net annual income

column 1

Farming use

column 2

Unit of Production

column 3 Net Annual Income from unit of Production (£)

This is the figure for animals (irrespective of age) which are kept for 12 months. In the case of animals kept for less than 12 months, a pro rata adjustment of this figure is to be made.

1. Livestock
Dairy cowscow329
Beef breeding cows:on land in a less favoured areacow-93
on other landcow-131
Beef fattening cattle (semi-intensive)head-87(1)
Dairy replacementshead95(1)
Ewes:on land in a less favoured areaewe-37
on other landewe-10
Store lambs (including ewe lambs sold as shearlings)head4
Pigs:sows and gilts in pigsow or gilt303
Poultry:laying hensbird4.50
point-of-lay pulletsbird0.80
Christmas turkeysbird9.30
2. Farm arable crops
Oilseed rapehectare63
Dried peashectare30
Potatoes:first earlyhectare2,740
maincrop (including seed)hectare2,730
Sugar beethectare410
3. Outdoor horticultural crops and fruit
Orchard fruithectare2,410
Soft fruithectare8,320
4. Eligible hectares
Land which was in 2017, an eligible hectare for the purposes of Regulation 1307/2013severely disadvantaged landhectare121.75
disadvantaged landhectare63.00
all other landhectare42.99