Committee members

5.—(1) The Welsh Ministers must appoint up to 14 Committee members for such period as specified in an instrument of appointment.

(2) Each committee member must be either—

(a)an expert on matters deemed relevant by the Welsh Ministers; or

(b)a nominated representative of a flood and coastal erosion risk management organisation.

(3) Any appointment pursuant to paragraph (2)(a) must comply with the Public Appointments Governance Code(1).

(4) The Welsh Ministers must ensure that the Committee includes members drawn from both categories specified in paragraph (2).

(5) The terms of the appointment of a Committee member must be set out in the instrument of appointment.

(6) A Committee member may resign by notice in writing to the Welsh Ministers.

(7) The Welsh Ministers may terminate a Committee member’s appointment before the end of the period specified in the instrument of appointment if they are satisfied that the Committee member—

(a)has not complied with the terms of the appointment; or

(b)is otherwise unable or unfit to continue as a Committee member.


See above.