Additional records

2.—(1) For each supply referred to in paragraph 1(1), the local authority must record, within 28 days of each of the following taking place—

(a)a plan and description of the supply;

(b)the monitoring programme for the supply;

(c)the risk assessment;

(d)a summary of the results of the risk assessment;

(e)a summary of the reasons for a decision to reduce or exempt altogether the monitoring of a particular parameter under Part 4 of Schedule 2;

(f)the date, results and location of any sampling and analysis relating to that supply, and the reason for taking the sample;

(g)the results of any investigation undertaken in accordance with these Regulations;

(h)any authorisation;

(i)any notices served under section 80 of the Act, or regulation 20;

(j)any action agreed to be taken by any person under these Regulations;

(k)any request for the local authority to carry out sampling and analysis, undertake a risk assessment or give advice;

(l)a summary of any advice given in relation to the supply.

(2) It must keep the risk assessment and records of sampling and analysis for at least 30 years, and all other records under this paragraph for at least 5 years.