PART 3Adopter’s absence

Prescribed conditions

14.  For the purposes of section 26(1) of the Measure, the prescribed conditions are that the member—

(a)is the child’s adopter; and

(b)gives the head of democratic services written notice of the date the member intends the period of adopter’s absence to start.

Extent of entitlement to adopter’s absence

15.  A member’s entitlement to adopter’s absence is two consecutive weeks.

When adopter’s absence may be taken

16.  Adopter’s absence may only be taken during the period—

(a)beginning with the date on which the child is placed with the member for adoption; and

(b)ending 56 days after that date.

Member to choose start date of adopter’s absence

17.  Provided that the period of adopter’s absence will come to an end within the period prescribed by regulation 16, a member may choose the date on which their adopter’s absence is to start.

Cancelling adopter’s absence

18.  The circumstances in which a member may cancel a period of adopter’s absence are that—

(a)the period of adopter’s absence has not yet started; and

(b)the member has notified the head of democratic services in writing of their intention to cancel the absence.

Interpretation of this Part

19.—(1) In this Part—

“adopter” (“mabwysiadydd”) in relation to a child, means a member who has been matched with a child for adoption, or in a case where two members have been matched jointly, whichever of them has elected to be the child’s adopter for the purposes of this Part;

“adoption agency” (“asiantaeth fabwysiadu”) means a body which may be referred to as an adoption agency by virtue of section 2 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002(1); and

“child” (“plentyn”) means a person who is, or when placed with an adopter for adoption was, under the age of eighteen.

(2) For the purposes of this Part a member is matched with a child for adoption when an adoption agency notifies that member of its decision that the member is a suitable adoptive parent for the child, whether individually or jointly with another person.