Regulations 8(2) 9(9), 10(8) and 18(5)

SCHEDULEMeasures on suspect and infected premises and on premises in a control zone


1.—(1) The main occupier must keep a record of every horse on the premises.

(2) The main occupier must take all reasonable steps to update the record to show the number of horses on the premises that—

(a)have died;

(b)show clinical signs of African horse sickness;

(c)have been born since restrictions under these Regulations were placed on the premises; and

(d)enter or leave the premises under licence.

(3) The main occupier must ask any other occupier to report any changes in the details of their horses on the premises that are relevant to the record.

(4) The main occupier must keep the record for at least six months after (as the case may be)—

(a)the revocation of the notice served under regulation 8(2), 9(8), or 10(7), or

(b)the premises ceasing to be within the control zone,

whichever is the later.

Housing of horses

2.  An occupier must ensure that every horse on the premises is kept—

(a)so far as is practicable on the part or parts of the premises where they may be less exposed to vectors; or

(b)as directed by a veterinary inspector.

Restriction on movement of horses, carcases, equipment or genetic material

3.  No person may move any horse or carcase to or from the premises or any equipment or genetic material from the premises, except under the authority of a licence granted by a veterinary inspector or an officer of the Welsh Ministers acting under the direction of a veterinary inspector.

Control of vectors

4.  The main occupier must implement such practicable vector control measures as a veterinary inspector may require.