PART 2Establishment of the Valuation Tribunal for Wales

Regional representatives of the Valuation Tribunal

13.—(1) The first appointments to the offices of regional representative and deputy regional representative (in this regulation called “regional representative”) are to be made in accordance Part 1 of Schedule 2 but subject to Part 2 of that Schedule.

(2) In the case of subsequent vacancies occurring in the office of regional representative the members of the Valuation Tribunal must, in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 2, appoint a regional representative or a deputy regional representative (as the case may be) for that region from among their number.

(3) Where at the expiry of the prescribed period no election has taken place in accordance with this regulation, the Welsh Ministers must, after consultation with the President, appoint the appropriate number of members to be regional representatives.

(4) A regional representative appointed under this regulation will hold office until whichever of the following first occurs—

(a)the expiration of the period of two years from the date on which the regional representative takes office (and for the purposes of this paragraph the first appointees to the office of regional representative are to be regarded as taking office on 1 July 2010);

(b)that regional representative ceases to be a member of the Valuation Tribunal;

(c)that regional representative resigns by giving notice in writing to the President;

(d)notice of termination under paragraph (5) takes effect.

(5) The President—

(a)may, after consultation with the Governing Council, by giving notice in writing to a regional representative terminate that regional representative’s office; and

(b)must, if so directed by the Welsh Ministers, give a regional representative notice in writing terminating that regional representative’s appointment, which notice will take effect on the expiry of such period as may be so directed.

(6) Before giving a direction under paragraph (5)(b) the Welsh Ministers must consult the President.

(7) In this regulation—

(8) For the purposes of these Regulations—

(a)there are four regions;

(b)the regions comprise the areas specified in column 1 of Schedule 1; and

(c)the regions are to be known by the corresponding name in column 2 of that Schedule.