The Local Transport Act 2008 (Commencement No. 1 and Transitional Provisions) (Wales) Order 2009

2.  Notwithstanding the coming into force of section 64 of the Act, section 155 of the 2000 Act (penalties) will continue to apply in Wales without the amendments made by section 64 of the Act in respect of penalties imposed by a traffic commissioner against an operator of a local service where that traffic commissioner is satisfied that the operator had, before 1 April 2009 —

(a)failed to operate a local service registered under section 6 of the 1985 Act,

(b)operated a local service in contravention of that section or section 118(4) or 129(1)(b) of the 2000 Act, or

(c)failed to comply with section 138 or 140(3) of the 2000 Act.