Article 3

SCHEDULE 1Specified animal pathogens


1.  African horse sickness virus

2.  African swine fever virus

3.  Aujesky’s disease virus

4.  Avian influenza viruses that are —


(b)Type A viruses which have an intravenous pathogenicity index in six-week-old chickens of greater than 1.2; or

(c)Type A viruses H5 or H7 subtype for which nucleotide sequencing has demonstrated multiple basic amino acids at the cleavage site of hæmagglutinin

5.  Babesia bovis

6.  Babesia bigemina

7.  Babesia caballi

8.  Bacillus anthracis

9.  Bluetongue virus

10.  Bovine leucosis virus

11.  Brucella abortus

12.  Brucella melitensis

13.  Brucella ovis

14.  Brucella suis

15.  Burkholderia mallei

16.  Classical swine fever virus

17.  Cochliomyia hominivorax

18.  Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis viruses

19.  Echinococcus multilocularis

20.  Echniococcus granulosus

21.  Ehrlichia ruminantium

22.  Equine infectious anemia virus

23.  Foot and mouth disease virus

24.  Hendra disease virus

25.  Histoplasma farciminosum

26.  Japanese encephalitis virus

27.  Lumpy skin disease virus

28.  Mycoplasma agalactiae

29.  Mycoplasma capricolum sub species capripneumoniae

30.  Mycoplasma mycoides sub species mycoides SC and mycoides LC variants

31.  Mycoplasma mycoides var capri

32.  Newcastle disease (avian paramyxovirus type 1) viruses which are—

(a)uncharacterised; or

(b)have an intracerebral pathogenicity index in one-day-old chicks of 0.4 or more, when not less than 10 million 50% egg infectious doses (EID50) are administered to each bird in the test.

33.  Nipah disease virus

34.  Peste des petits ruminants virus

35.  Rabies virus and all viruses of the genus Lyssavirus

36.  Rift Valley Fever virus

37.  Rinderpest virus

38.  St. Louis equine encephalomyelitis virus

39.  Sheep and goat pox virus

40.  Swine vesicular disease virus

41.  Teschen disease virus

42.  Theileria annulata

43.  Theileria equi

44.  Theileria parva

45.  Trichinella spiralis

46.  Trypanosoma brucei

47.  Trypanosoma congolense

48.  Trypanosoma equiperdum

49.  Trypanosoma evansi

50.  Trypanosoma simiae

51.  Trypanosoma vivax

52.  Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

53.  Vesicular stomatitis virus

54.  West Nile virus


55.  The live virus causing viral hæmorrhagic disease of rabbits