Regulation 5

SCHEDULE 4Additional conditions that apply to the keeping of laying hens in enriched cages

1.  All laying hens not kept in a non cage system referred to in Schedule 2 or a cage system referred to in Schedule 3 must be kept in an enriched cage system which complies with the requirements of this Schedule.

2.  Laying hens must have—

(a)at least 750 cm2 of cage area per hen, 600 cm2 of which must be usable; the height of the cage other than that above the usable area must be at least 20 cm at every point and the minimum total area for any cage must be 2000 cm2;

(b)access to a nest;

(c)litter such that pecking and scratching are possible; and

(d)appropriate perches allowing at least 15 cm per hen.

3.  A feed trough which can be used without restriction must be provided, the length of which must be at least 12 cm multiplied by the number of hens in the cage.

4.  Each cage must have a drinking system appropriate to the size of the group; where nipple drinkers are provided, at least two nipple drinkers or two cups must be within reach of each hen.

5.  To facilitate inspection, installation and depopulation of hens there must be a minimum aisle width of 90 cm between tiers of cages and a space of at least 35 cm must be allowed between the floor of the building and the bottom tier of cages.

6.  Cages must be fitted with suitable claw-shortening devices.