PART 5General

Powers of inspectors

30.—(1) Subject to regulation 10, an inspector, on producing, if required to do so, some duly authenticated document showing the inspector’s authority, has the right at all reasonable hours to enter any land or premises for the purposes of ascertaining whether there is or has been on the premises any contravention of these Regulations; and in this regulation “premises” includes any place, installation, road or rail vehicle, ship, vessel, boat, craft, hovercraft or aircraft.

(2) An inspector has the powers to carry out all checks and examinations necessary for the enforcement of Council Directive 90/425/EEC and Council Directive 91/496/EEC, and in particular may—

(a)carry out inspections of any processes used for the marking and identification of animals, any premises and any installation;

(b)carry out checks on whether staff are complying with the requirements of the instruments in Part I of Schedule 3 relating to animal products;

(c)take samples (and, if necessary, send the samples for laboratory testing) from—

(i)animals held with a view to being sold, put on the market or transported;

(ii)products held with a view to being stored or sold, put on the market or transported;

(iii)animals or animal products being transported in the course of intra-Community trade;

(iv)animals at a border inspection post in the case of third country imports; or

(v)animals or animal products at the place of destination in the case of an import from another member State;

(d)examine documentary or data processing material relevant to the checks carried out under these Regulations; and

(e)take with him or her a representative of the European Commission acting for the purposes of Council Directives 90/425/EEC or 91/496/EEC.