Records to be kept by producers

3.  A wholesale quota holder who makes deliveries to a purchaser must, in respect of each quota year, keep, and retain for the relevant period, records, comprising —

(a)details of the quota held by him or her, showing permanent and temporary transfers of quota if appropriate;

(b)his or her herd records (comprising number and breed of cows and calved heifers in dairy herd with details of number of cows in milk and number of cows dry);

(c)daily records of milk produced;

(d)invoices of any feed purchased;

(e)details of quantities of milk delivered by him or her, and the name and address of the purchaser involved;

(f)the payment slips issued in respect of any such purchaser;

(g)where there is a discrepancy between a purchaser’s payment slip and the relevant tanker receipt, that tanker receipt;

(h)details recorded as a result of his or her participation in the National Milk Recording Scheme or other similar recording scheme;

(i)details of quantities of milk produced and used on his or her holding for stock feeding and human consumption;

(j)details of quantities of milk which are disposed of (other than under sub-paragraph (i)) or wasted on the holding;

(k)without prejudice to sub-paragraph (j), details of any milk which —

(i)was transported from his or her holding to be destroyed elsewhere for sanitary purposes pursuant to a decision of the National Assembly,

(ii)was so destroyed, and

(iii)as a consequence, is to be excluded from the levy calculation,

including information about the reason why such destruction was necessary and details of where, when and how such destruction occurred;

(l)details of quantities and types of milk and milk products transferred free of charge from his or her holding;

(m)details of quantities of milk purchased, swapped or otherwise received, and records relating to its disposal; and

(n)details of stocks of milk produced on his or her holding.